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September 10th - EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Announces Contract to Build 100,000 Houses.

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Welcome to the EHT.

We are a Canadian based global energy solutions company.

Our unique energy solutions are designed to meet the growing global demand for energy and the need for rapid deployment of bankable technology.

EHT has taken the next step into the future with the fusion of an array of technologies it has developed, from the power production and energy conservation technologies. By implementing high quality hybrid solar and battery systems into cutting edge, energy efficient structural systems EHT is changing the concept of "off-grid" function and lifestyle. EHT is changing the face of the worlds energy use.

EHT designs, develops, manufactures, assembles, and distributes structural building systems including modular building/home systems with integrated hybrid alternative energy systems and secondary products including alternative energy producing carports and construction site trailers.

Solar, battery and other alternate energy solutions create self sufficient energy production off-grid. Modular buildings/homes can be either revenue generating/cost reducing, by sending the electrical output into the electrical grid, or a self-contained system that stores electricity in batteries for current and future use. In either scenario, the building/home is designed to generate/provide emergency power in the event of grid failure.