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EHT Power Wagon

The Power Wagon generates solar power from every side and stores it in the onboard battery and power distribution system. Sides open upwards tripling the sky facing surface.

The inside of the Power Wagon containing batteries, inverters, charge controllers and a rack of power receptacles waiting to distribute power.

The Power Wagon is a stock trailer customized to provide a remote site power source via its self contained solar energy system. All sides of the trailer are constructed of solar panels, feeding into an integrated battery bank. The trailer can provide up to 10kw of solar energy depending on the size of trailer and can store up to 10 kwh battery charging depending on the weight of the trailer, while a full charge requires 2 to 3 hours of daylight. Designed to allow for construction site charging of cordless tool battery packs, operation of power washers, fans, work lights and overnight charging of electric lifts, the applications are limited to the imagination of the site crew. The wagon is capable of powering a microwave oven at lunch time or a low voltage cooler. A single Power Wagon can charge over 1,000 smartphones simultaneously when outfitted for emergency services applications.

All day the wagon is continually charging and then maintaining the onboard battery banks. On most days, the energy input to the battery banks will exceed demand thus leaving the power available for overnight charging. When the flip up side walls are locked in the closed position tools are safely charging in a secure trailer.

Beyond the construction industry, the wagon can be used for outdoor events including camping, weddings, street parties and more.

The balance of the trailer has been carefully balanced to allow for towing by virtually any vehicle with a hitch which includes cars and pickup trucks. Further, the trailer can be towed to a remote site to power a cabin, homestead or emergency shelter by ATV and even snowmobile.