Customer Testimonial – DBN Drywall

Jeremy R. Tisi Leave a Comment

Project: 5 story student residence in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.

Company: DBN Drywall

“We have had the opportunity to use our EHT Power Wagon, a solar powered trailer at a new construction site that had no electrical service at all. There, our employees in addition to 3 other contractors have been using it. It is powering a hammer drill, 25 x 9-watt LED lights to illuminate stairwells all day. We are charging more than 10 batteries constantly, using an on-site microwave. The Power Wagon has been able to maintain full power while in constant use.”

“The building under construction is in a residential area which has demonstrated the significance of using the Power Wagon as there has been no complaints from residents where as a diesel generator would have been a major problem.”

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