EHT Technician currently at Gariba Lodge, Tamale, Ghana for Routine Maintenance.

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EHT has sent a technician to Gariba Lodge, Tamale, Ghana for Routine Maintenance of a hybrid system installed by EHT in 2016. The system consists of 3 locations, the Gariba Lodge, the IPA (Institute for Policy Alternatives), and the Retreat (private residence) of Dr. Sulley and Neo Gariba that are interconnected and share electrical power to maximize renewable energy use in each location and reduce dependence on any outside source of power.

In August of 2018 the local power authority installed a bi-directional meter furthering the capabilities of the system allowing the Gariba Lodge to maximize the use of available power and allow the utility to take advantage of a customer selling clean energy into the local grid.

The system not only has allowed the Gariba Lodge, the IPA, and the Retreat to reduce any reliance on the grid but now has been recognized as a flagship for the capabilities of EHT’s Solar Hybrid systems in Ghana.

The local power authority in conjunction with the IPA and EHT technicians are now using the system as a tool for understanding the advantages of EHT technologies to further the development of renewable energy in Ghana.

Visit the Gariba Lodge:

The Gariba Lodge

The Institute for Policy Alternatives

The Retreat (Private Residence)

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