Samlex Solar Portable and Foldable Solar Battery Charging Kits MSK-90

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Solar Battery Charging Kit, Portable, Foldable, Series, PWM, 5.13A, 90 W, 12 V, Kit

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Brand: Samlex
Manufacturer’s Part Number: MSK-90
Part Type: Solar Panels
Product Line: Samlex Solar Portable and Foldable Solar Battery Charging Kits

Solar Panel Type: Outdoor – Charging System
Solar Panel Peak Watts: 90 W
Maximum Output Current: 5.13A
Fuses Included: Yes
Length (in): 40.750 in.
Width (in):25.390 in.
Weight: 25.200 lbs.
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Does not include battery. Includes a 2 pin bullet adapter for use in solar ready RV’s.

Samlex Solar portable and foldable solar battery charging kits are designed to charge all types12 Volt lead-acid batteries. Battery types may include wet cells, SLA, AGM, Gel and VRLA; all of which use lead-acid chemistry.

The kits can be folded neatly into their included carrying case for easy storage while the kit is not in use. Their kits are perfect for charging and maintaining any 12V battery system, including the following applications:

* Automotive, recreation vehicles, trailers
* Boats and marine craft
* Motorcycles
* Cabins and cottages
* Camping sites
* Construction and farm equipment
* Material handling equipment
* All-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles
* Disaster/emergency preparedness operations
* Your special application

Portable charging kit features:

* Durable integrated design with high-efficiency Polycrystalline solar modules
* Integrated 10A Series Type PWM Solar Charge Controller
* MSK-135 consists of three 45W solar panels connected in parallel (135 Watts)
* MSK-90 consists of two 45W solar panels connected in parallel (90 Watts)
* Support legs with angle adjustment
* Panels are built with strong anodized aluminum frames and high-transparency solar glass for maximum light permeability and high efficiency
* Folds away into stylish carrying case for quick transport or storage
* Each array includes a cushioned metal handle

Samlex Solar is well known, internationally, for the quality of their solar products. Be prepared to keep your batteries topped off by contacting DX Engineering for your own Samlex Solar Portable Solar Battery Charging Kits.